Essaouira Day Tour

Essaouira Day Tour

The last Mogador situated about two hours and a half drive from Marrakech to the west on the coast of Atlantic. You will reach the ancient port of Mogador built by the Portuguese on a narrow peninsula beside a vast crescent of fine sand facing a huge and large bay. Nestled securely behind its impressive French-built, 18th century rampart, the largely pedestrian medina town of pretty, whitewashed house has a character and charm all in its own. The old town divided into different quarters by its grid system layout, comprises a souk, a myriad of narrow lane, sea defenses, fishing port and a large square. From the impressive promenade of the defensive “Scala”, lined with Spanish canons, one has a magnificent view of waves breaking over the rocky shore. The activities of quayside and fish auction, Sheds are enhanced by pavement eateries selling fresh fish meals with reasonable prices. Essaouira is well known by its fine handcraft  especially objects carved from wood (notably, local, thuya) often, beautiful inset with lemon wood, ebony, mother of pearl or threads of copper or silver.

Time: Full day

Departure time: every day at 08h00 AM

Need: some cash + camera + comfortable shoes and warm sweater in the winter

Experience: Exploration + Relaxation and culture  


Essaouira Day Tour

Included in the price:

  • Tour by (4×4) or minibus with A/C
  • Shuttle from the hotel
  • Driver

Not included in the price:

  • Lunch
  • Drinks
  • Entry fees


  • 300/pax
  • Group from 6 people 250/pax
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